8 ways to be more eco friendly

There are loads of little changes that you can make to help reduce your impact on the Earth, and they are all fairly easy to do and cost next to nothing ( In fact in some cases they will save you money!)

1. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth.
Fill a glass and use that for rinsing or just turn it on to rinse your brush.

2. Choose 1 day a week to go Meat Free.
Or if you are already meat free, have a day of eating just locally sourced produce. www.meatfreemondays.com

3. If you drive a car choose 1 journey you make a week and change your mode of transport.
Walk or cycle instead or if its a long way choose public transport or car share.

8 ways to be more eco friendly
4. Make do and mend.
If something breaks, consider fixing it instead of replacing. Choose items that stand the test of time / buy reusable products instead of disposable.

hand dyed yarn

5. Grow your own veg.
Be sure exactly what goes into the food you put on your plates- and know that what your eating has come from your garden and not half way around the world and covered in pesticides.  Nothing tastes better than food straight from the plant!

8 ways to be more eco friendly

6. Turn your washing machine to 30deg.
This ones a bit of a no brainer really , less water, less energy and usually quicker too. Peg them on the line to dry and save on your energy bills too.

8 ways to be more eco friendly

7. Gradually replace household items with a greener alternative.
If you run out of washing up liquid choose one that’s kinder to the environment, the same for shampoos, sprays, toilet roll you name it. Most supermarkets sell an ‘eco’ alternative these days. Look out for offers and – some health food shops offer a refilling service for laundry products. Vegan soap, handmade with french clay

8. Ditch the plastic bags.
Or at least reuse them. There is a massive array of reusable bags available now in all sorts of shapes and colours, ones that fit in pockets or huge ones that stand the test of time. Take your own with you when you go shopping, collect the extra points and feel happy knowing that the plastic bag flying around the car park isn’t yours!

Large Felted reusable bag


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