A-Z of Upcycling To Celebrate National Upcycling Day

We have got together with Make Do & Mend-able, Remade In Britain & Max McMurdo to put together an A-Z of upcycling to mark National Upcycle Day.

A-Z of Upcycling

We have been working on a list of ‘Things You Can Upcycle’…..

Thank you to Jen at Make do & mend-able for including us in this A-Z to mark National Upcycling Day 2015. We have had lots of fun compiling it, revisiting old favourites and discovering new creations and artisans. Some of the letters were particularly challenging while others we could have filled many times over! We hope you love the creations listed here as much as we do.

Kirstie & Charlotte x

Jen at Make do & Mend-able has compiled everyone’s A-Z into one pdf,
intro by Max McMurdo

Download the entire A-Z Download FREE PDF 

Things You Can Upcycle

A – Apple Juice Cartons
Upcycling pioneer Lois Walpole is a basket weaver working in homegrown and upcycled materials. The apple shape laundry basket made from from apple cartons is one of her most popular creations. It can be found in the Crafts council collection. www.facebook.com/loiswalpole.baskets/photos/a.442526679157150.1073741825.359853167424502/601932839883199/

B – Books
Upcycled books feature regularly in the work of Kate Kato (Kasasagi). She beautifully captures elements from the natural world, showcasing them in carefully selected unwanted objects, inspired by museum style exhibits.

C – Crisp Packets
Upcycling seamstress Vicky Myers has a fantastic blog packed with wonderful ideas for reuse, this crisp packet apron is our personal favourite.

D – Denim
Artist Ian Berry works entirely in denim to create absolutely stunning artwork that will cause you to do a double take. He somehow manages to achieve a wonderful sense of realism, no mean feat in this medium.

E – Electrical Components
Julie Alice Chappell’s popular upcycled insect sculptures are created from electrical waste components.

F – Files
Greenwood worker Paul Adamson, of Woodsman crafts, reforges files and rasps to create blades for his bushcraft knifes

G – Glass Jars
Glass jars are often used in upcycling projects, this candle project by Charlotte Rhoades is one of our favourite ways to make use of them.

H – Horse Shoe
From garden games to wine racks, horse shoes have been spotted in many upcycling projects. At Stained Glass Garden Peter Wiltshire upcycles horseshoes for stained glass garden ornaments and sun catchers.

I – International Postage Stamps
Tangle Crafts Journals are made using a rainbow of upcycled postage stamps from around the world!

J – Jumpers
The Woolly Pedlar creates fabulous clothing and homewares by upcycling unwanted jumpers and other knitwear. The results are gorgeous!

K – Keys
Paperise use lovely vintage keys in their pretty upcycled creations, combined with vintage fabrics and doilies, they make for a fantastic wedding range. www.folksy.com/shops/paperise

L – Linens
Amanda Jane Handmade creates beautiful textile art using vintage linens & curios in her work. Gorgeous stitched hoops and canvas creations with beautiful sentiment.

M – Magazines
Kirstie Adamson is a magazine collage artist, using ripped and cut magazines as an alternative to paint.

N – Nuts & Bolts
KL Metal Art uses nuts and bolts as well as a variety of other waste metal to create fabulous upcycled sculptures.

O – Old Coins
The Hairy Growler makes the most amazing pieces of jewellery using old coins that he has worked his magic on .

P – Pallet Wood
The Unique Gift Company have a fantastic range of upcycled pallet wood creations, we love this coat rack.

Q – Quilt covers
The Captain & Lovely use vintage and upcyled quilt covers and sheets to create the backing for their crocheted heirloom blankets

R – Rags
EcoAmor had a fantastic range of creations produced from rags obtained mainly from old clothing, diverting it from landfill.

S – Sheet Music
Decoupage with sheet music is a great way to upcycle, we love this frame by Made By  Messy Muppet.

T – Tin Cans
Make Do & Mend-able have some fantastic ideas on how to upcycle tin cans.

U – Umberellas
Dukes and Duchesses have a wonderful upcycling blog. Have a look at their post on 10 ways to upcycle an umbrella.

V – Vehicles
Parts from cars,aeroplanes and other vehicles are appearing more and more in upcycling projects, this fabulous V8 engine coffee table from Reestore is a fantastic example.

W – Water Bottles
Water bottles are extremely versatile when it comes to upcycling ingredients, Rehash Panache do this particularly well!

X – X-Ray
X-rays make fantastic upcycled lighting features, there is a great example over at RecyclArt

Y – Yarn Oddments
Trashtastic Knits uses everyone elses leftover yarn to produce her gorgeous range of knitwear.

Z – Zips
Rezipit have a stunning range of upcycled zipper items, beautiful flower brooches, zip earrings and rings.



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Kirstie Adamson is a magazine & junkmail collage artist. Co-Founder of EcoCreate art & craft network and a passionate revamp crafter!


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