Autumn Crowns – Eco Crafts For Kids

The kids collected lots of wonderful treasures on an autumn walk and we decided to put them to good use with a bit of crafting in the form of Autumn crowns!

What we used
A long piece of willow
Fallen leaves
Fir cones
Yarn oddments

autumn crowns eco kids crafts

What we did

  1. We used a piece of stripped willow to form the ring of the crown, offering it up to each child’s head to ensure the correct fit. Simply twisting it around itself to hold in place  autumn crowns eco kids crafts
  2. Layout twigs to go along the front edge creating a peak in the centre.autumn crowns eco kids crafts
  3. We attached using yarn oddment but natural cordage, ribbons or string would also work well. We tied the two together a square and diagonal lash.autumn crowns eco kids craftsautumn crowns eco kids crafts
  4. We then pushed the foraged feathers into the yarn along side the twigs.autumn crowns eco kids crafts
  5. Fir cones were tied to each sideautumn crowns eco kids crafts
  6. We then tied acorns and ash seeds along the front
    autumn crowns eco kids craftsautumn crowns eco kids crafts
  7. For my sons crown we used a stag theme, tying two individual twigs to the front leaving a 4 inch gap. We added leaves for decoration.autumn crowns eco kids crafts


About Kirstie Adamson

Kirstie Adamson is a magazine & junkmail collage artist. Co-Founder of EcoCreate art & craft network and a passionate revamp crafter!

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