Cardboard Tube Monster Shakers – Upcycling Kids Crafts

There is lots of fun to be had with this upcycling crafty monster shaker kids project!

What we used

Toilet roll inners
Dried pulses or grains
Fabric scraps
Wool/Yarn oddments
Paper – We used greaseproof but any will work.
Sticky tape
Double sided sticky tape

What we did

  1. Cut out circles of the greaseproof paper larger than the tube. 
  2. Tape this around one end of the tube. Make sure this is really secure!
  3. Fill the tube with your some dried pulses or grains. Not too many.
  4. Tape another circle of paper to the other end of the tube to seal.
  5. Cut a strip of fabric the same height as the tube, wrap around.
  6. Secure both ends with double sided tape
  7. To decorate we glued on buttons for eyes and a nose.
  8. Put a strip of double sided tape around the top of the tube
  9. Add small lengths of yarn to form the hair
  10. Cut out teeth from cardboard for the mouth
  11. Shake!!!


About Kirstie Adamson

Kirstie Adamson is a magazine & junkmail collage artist. Co-Founder of EcoCreate art & craft network and a passionate revamp crafter!

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