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Cardboard tube Flower Garland – Upcycled Handmade Party Decorations

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We seem to accumulate rather a lot of toilet & kitchen roll inners here! I thought this would be a nice project to do with kids to make use of them.

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Toffee Apple Alternative Recipe

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My favourite thing about this recipe is the kids can get involved, dipping the apples in the chocolate and nuts themselves.

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Halloween Crafts – Puppet Theatre

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Made from a shoe box, toilet roll tubes, an old black t-shirt and some lollipop sticks, this Halloween themed puppet theatre was fun to build and fun to play with after!

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Eco Kids Crafts

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The kids wanted to do some crafting today so I decided to keep it simple and let them use their imaginations. I set the table up with lots of natural products from the cupboard and raided the recycle bin.

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Lollipop Stick Daisy Chain Garland

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Why not have a go at this summery project? Making a seasonal daisy chain garland is a great way of reusing ice lolly sticks.

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Lollipop stick mobile

Save your lollipop sticks this summer and make yourself this colourful mobile. This project is good to do with a child with adult assistance.

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