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Salt Dough Hanging Hearts

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Salt dough isn’t just for kids! Try this simple but effective hanging heart project for a lovely ornament for Valentines, Mother’s Day, Weddings or just because!

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Salt Dough Recipe – Crafting Fun With Kids

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Salt dough is a great way to keep the kids entertained, we used this quick and easy salt dough recipe … 

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Autumn Conker Webs

How fabulous are these?!? Thank you to Wool’n’Wonder for the following tutorial

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At the beach

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Do you find yourself crafting where ever you are? I know I certainly do!

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Child Friendly Rainstick Project

Recently my daughter had a project at school to make a musical instrument and she chose to make a rainstick. We wanted an alternative to using nails to slow the fall of the grains and so this is what we … Continue reading

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Press flowers with old books

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Old books are perfect for pressing flowers. This is a great project for getting the kids involved albeit in small quantities if they have a short attention span. Mine love the collecting and the crafting at the end but get … Continue reading

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Make Pot Pourri & get the most out of your bouquet!

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The beautiful flowers Charlotte gave me to celebrate the launch lasted pretty well but I wanted to get a bit more mileage out of them so I’m making pot pourri!

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Sugared Primroses Easter Cake Decorations

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These sugared primroses make a really pretty decoration, my daughter really enjoyed helping making these to decorate this years Easter Simnel cake.

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Eco-Friendly Easter Gifts!

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As a huge chocolate lover it comes as a surprise to many that as a child I didn’t like chocolate or more specifically Easter eggs ( I know?!! ) I do however have some great memories of fabulous little Easter … Continue reading

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Making JamJar/Teacup Candles

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A brilliant way to reuse your old jam jars/or teacups/or plantpots or any other water tight (non melty/ non burny) container.

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