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How to blow eggs – Easter Crafts

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I remember doing this when I was young so I was keen to give it a go with my children. Once blown the eggs can be painted and used as Easter decorations.

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Magazine Piñata – Upcycling Kids Projects

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This Easter Egg piñata project is the perfect addition to your Easter Egg Hunt parties this year. Made entirely from paper mached magazines, the kids can enjoy making it as much as breaking it!

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Sugared Primroses Easter Cake Decorations

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These sugared primroses make a really pretty decoration, my daughter really enjoyed helping making these to decorate this years Easter Simnel cake.

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Hot Cross Bun & Apple Bread Pudding

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Having succumbed to a buy one get one free offer I found myself with more hot cross buns then we could eat before they started to go dry. We toasted a couple but the rest I decided to use in … Continue reading

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