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Ian Berry – Inspiring Upcycling Artists Series

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Last summer I discovered an article on denim artist Ian Berry while tearing up magazines for a collage, I was completely blown away.  Ian works entirely in denim to create absolutely stunning artwork that will cause you to do a double … Continue reading

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Julie Alice Chappell – Inspiring Upcycling Artists Series

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I first came across Julie’s work in 2013 and was instantly taken with her upcycled insect sculptures. Not only are they wonderfully imaginative pieces but they are always beautifully presented. The attention to detail in each piece is outstanding and … Continue reading

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Ucycled Metal Artist Keith Lynn – K L Metal Art

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Meet upcycled metal artist Keith Lynn, a wonderful example of a successful upcycling artistic business venture. The talented 41 year old Keith Lynn is an upcycled metal artist based in South Shields, between Sunderland and Newcastle. In April 2014 Keith swapped … Continue reading

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Making Peg Dolls – Crafting With Kids

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These peg dolls were lots of fun to make, my nine year old daughter particularly enjoyed this project.

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What is upcycling?

Being an avid upcycler myself I hadn’t realised that many didn’t actually know what that meant so here’s a few examples to help explain…

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Child Friendly Rainstick Project

Recently my daughter had a project at school to make a musical instrument and she chose to make a rainstick. We wanted an alternative to using nails to slow the fall of the grains and so this is what we … Continue reading

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Eco-Friendly Easter Gifts!

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As a huge chocolate lover it comes as a surprise to many that as a child I didn’t like chocolate or more specifically Easter eggs ( I know?!! ) I do however have some great memories of fabulous little Easter … Continue reading

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Making JamJar/Teacup Candles

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A brilliant way to reuse your old jam jars/or teacups/or plantpots or any other water tight (non melty/ non burny) container.

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Finding a new work space.

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I’m currently trying to find a little work space for myself amidst the chaos. Somewhere where I can be close, but not so close that I keep getting distracted/sidetracked by everything. At present this is my workspace/sanctuary/office

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Hanging Drying Rack For Herbs & Flowers

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This hanging drying rack was made from an old garden soil sieve, a hanging basket chain and some pegs!

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