If your house is anything like our house, you will, at present, have one or two lovingly collected conkers lying around the place. I never know what to do them, they just end up sitting on the side or in a bowls for ages until they go mouldy when they are released back into the wild. So I decided to attempt to use them. My first thought was a wreath , all autumny with leaves and berries, it would look marvellous hanging on the front door , passers by would remark at my ingenuity and envy my lovely seasonal door. However after much searching the thin wire I was looking for was nowhere to be found.
Plan number 2 was formed .

I selected a few of the nicer conkers and pierced them with a skewer, then I threaded then on some suitably autumnal thread..

A quick look round the garden for some more trimmings ..

I tied the threaded conkers together and we wove in some leaves and berries and ta-da

Autumn Crown !

We pranced around in the garden for some time pretending to be the fairy of Autumn, and then the fairy decided that rosehips are actually quite uncomfortable and decided that probably the chickens would like them better..

and they did!

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Charlotte Rhoades loves all things yarn! A partner at EcoCreate and owner at The Captain & Lovely.

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