Do You Package & Label Your Craft Work?

You’ve spent hours designing and making your creations and if you want to sell them you need to show them in their best light.

How you present your items is the finishing touch to your project that you can not afford to ignore.



I keep my craft work separate from my artwork by selling under the Trash Girl brand. I have a logo, business cards, labels, boxes and compliment slips that use a consistent theme.


Unless you have beautiful handwriting and can write consistently, it is advisable not to hand write your signs. Computer printouts work well but should be on quality paper. Use consistent clear fonts at a size that is easy to read.

The general consensus at one time was not to label work with prices as this then gave you the opportunity to engage the customer in conversation. I have personally found that customers prefer not to have to ask, if not labelled the assumption is often that it must be expensive. Including snippets of information regarding materials and inspiration can serve to get people talking just as effectively.

For small displays, price lists work better than individual tags, giving your display a tidier finish.


Keep packaging within you colour scheme. When selling at craft fairs you can use brown paper handle carrier bags, with tissue paper and always add a business card.

When selling online use tissue and boxes that keep to your brand colours and add a compliment slip or business card.

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Less it usually more, you can spend time making an elaborate stand but this could overshadow your work if you go over the top. Don’t overfill your displays either or you risk looking like a jumble sale.

Be consistent with your stands and where possible use matching containers.

Avoid patterned fabrics for table covers, plain colours work best to show off your work, small items especially can get lost against busy backgrounds. Keep to your branded theme colours.

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When promoting online the quality of your imagery is vital and can be difficult to get right. Lighting can make a big difference, sunny days are great for showing your work at it’s best.

Plain backgrounds work well, especially white, avoid anything that detracts from your work.

Make sure your images are in focus and show details clearly.

Experiment with angles to give make your images interesting but don’t take this to far and loose sight of the purpose of the image.

How do you present your work? Any tips for our readers?


About Kirstie Adamson

Kirstie Adamson is a magazine & junkmail collage artist. Co-Founder of EcoCreate art & craft network and a passionate revamp crafter!

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