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An eco and upcycled art exhibition for January 2016.

Artists collaborate to highlight issue of climate change

Inspired by the concept that global warming is not the fairytale, myth or legend many would like to believe and wishing to prompt others to improve their sustainability.

The issues being raised

All of the artists involved work in a sustainable manner and are conscious of their impact on the earth. Several of the pieces are created from upcycled waste while others used traditional and low impact methods to produce their submissions. The brief was left quite loose resulting in a wonderfully diverse range of responses. Artists have chosen to directly tackle issues such as pollution, consumerism and declining bee populations. While others have based pieces on the make believe element of the brief, reinforcing the exhibitions original concept.

Inspiring artists to use eco friendly methods

We welcomed participants of varying skill levels, ranging from those who are just starting out to well established artists. Offering support and encouragement to those who wish to work in a sustainable way is a large part of what the event aims to achieve. Showing that small changes in artists methods and materials are all that are often needed to work in a more eco conscious manner. We hope the works will inspire others to experiment with more environmentally friendly methods.

Awarding artistic concept and skill

Gold, silver & bronze awards are being presented at the event, the recipients having been chosen by a panel of judges from environmentally conscious companies. Panellists Michelle Simpson from Remade in Britain, Jen Gale from Make do and mend-able and Olivia Serrage from Preloved have all lent their support to the event. The awards themselves are being made by EcoCreate’s Eco Shop of the year winner Keith Lynn of KL Metal art, the pieces will be made from reclaimed metal.

Networking opportunities

The event includes both members and those outside of the network, many who have become involved through the Twitter networking hour that is run by EcoCreate. On Mondays between 8:30-9:30pm eco artisans meet online for #ecocreatehour to share recent work, offer support and share information. Thanks to regular participants there is a wonderful positive friendly atmosphere and new artisans are always made welcome.

The exhibition venue

The venue of the exhibition also provides a wonderfully inspiring setting, the event will take place at Banks Mill Studios. An incubation program provided by Derby university to encourage and aid small start-up creative businesses. The University of Derby’s business support and incubation service give the best possible chance of success, helping with access to all the support needed to establish and grow a business.

The finalists are -

Amanda Chapman – Nine feet tall
Charlotte Rhoades – Upcycling the Fairy Tales Style over Substance
Claire Davis – The plight of bees
Elizabeth Blades – How does your garden grow
Jacquelyn Cooke – Fairy wood
Janine Booth – The fairie tree
Jenni Devany – Legends of the past
Kate Whiting – Rising Dawn Phoenix Shawl
Kirstie Adamson – Lets Pretend:Red Ridinghood
Paul Adamson – Life Cycle
Rachel Caunce – Home sweet home, Keeper of the water source & Mother earth
Rosalind Pounder – Tidewrack
Ruth Caunce – Magical oceans
Susan Jenkins – And there was so much honey it ran down the trunk

Visiting the event

The exhibition will run from 5th – 29th January 2016 Monday – Friday 10am until 3pm. Viewing outside of these times is by appointment only.
Banks Mill Studios 71 Bridge Street Derby DE1 3LB

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