#ecocreatehour – How to join in a Twitter networking hour

We are very excited here at EcoCreate to be launching our new networking hour #ecocreatehour every Monday evening 8:30 – 9:30pm UK time. https://twitter.com/ecocreatehour

For those of you not accustomed to taking part in Twitter networking hours here are a few tips to help get you started.

1. Who can take part?

This hour is specifically set up for eco friendly artists & crafters as well as those with a love of vintage. So we are looking for #eco #natural #organic #recycled #upcycled #art #craft #vintage #handmade you get the idea!

2. Why take part?

This is a great opportunity to meet like minded makers, share your work and finds with us and other artists and crafters. This is a chance to show off your creations and be inspired by others, make new friends and contacts. Find new suppliers, techniques and spot trends.

3. How do I tweet?

Very simple, just make sure you include #ecocreatehour in all your tweets during the hour. You can also include hashtags of other networking hours happening at the same time.

Examples -

‘Good evening #ecocreatehour I’m a magazine & junkmail collage artist www.kirstieadamson.co.uk’  + Picture

‘Fresh off the hook #crochet christmas decs #ecocreatehour’ + Picture

‘Latest #vintage finds now available here http://… #ecocreatehour + Picture 

Remember to include links and pictures of your work/finds where appropriate.

4. How do I interact with others taking part?

Follow your hosts @ecocreatehour and other tweeters taking part who’s work you like.

Search for the #ecocreatehour hashtag to see all posts relating to the hour.

Reply to those who’ve posted telling them what you like about their work. Even if it’s just a short comment ‘<LOVE!  #ecocreatehour‘ or ‘This is wonderful, what type of paint did you use?  #ecocreatehour

Favourite and retweet others to help increase makers reach.

5. What can I do to prepare?

Decide what you’d like to promote before hand, what are you currently working on? Do you want to drive traffic to your shop, blog or other social media pages?

Prepare images in advance, photos need to be less than 2MB infact the smaller the better for quick uploading. Tweets with images are more likely to be noticed.

6. What other networking hours could I take part in?

There are many Twitter networking hours, here is a short list of ones we think you may like -


7-8pm #crafthour

7-8pm #WomanInBizHour

#SBS – tweet at @TheoPaphitis about your business including the hashtag between 5-7:30pm then watch for the luck profile RTs on Monday evening at 8pm


6-7pm  #WomanInBiz #WineOclock

8:30-9:30pm #ecocreatehour


1pm-2pm #PeopleInBizHour

6-7pm  #WomanInBiz #WineOclock

8-9pm  #FBLikeHour to raise likes over on Facebook


6-7pm  #WomanInBiz #WineOclock

7:30 – 9:30pm #handmadehour

8-9pm #remadehour

8-9pm #InstagramHour Tweety

8-9:30pm #vintagefindhour


1pm-2pm #PeopleInBizHour

6-7pm  #WomanInBiz #WineOclock


10-11am #ConnectFriday

6-7pm  #WomanInBiz #WineOclock

All day #FF #FollowFriday – list your favourite pages this week


8-9:15am #SatChat

6-7pm #SpeedNetworking

There are also many regional networking hours happening throughout the week.

You may also be interested in taking part in the #PDChallenge www.thepurpledog.net/pdchallenge-guidelines/

Thank you to Social Myna www.socialmyna.com and Eco Artists & Crafters Network members Rachel Wicket (Messy Muppet) and Janet Butler (@DesignFlutterby) for their input with this post.

About Kirstie Adamson

Kirstie Adamson is a magazine & junkmail collage artist. Co-Founder of EcoCreate art & craft network and a passionate revamp crafter!


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