Environmentally Friendly Paint & Varnish

Looking for products and suppliers of environmentally friendly paint and varnish?

Changing to using environmentally friendly paint and varnish is a simple but effective way to help the secure the health of the planet.

What products do you use, can you recommend any to us? If you are a supplier or manufacturer then make sure we have you listed, a basic listing is FREE so please get in touch findus@eco-create.co.uk

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UK Listings

Conscious Craft - East Sussex, UK
Natural art & craft supplies for children – Natural earth paints.

Earthborn Paints – UK
Natural paint and varnish

EcoPaints – Lancashire, UK
Solvent free organic paint

ECOS organic paints - Lancashire, UK
Organic paint for the home and garden

Nursery Paint Company – Yorkshire, UK
For nursery paint decoration

Nutshell – Devon, UK
Natural paint and varnish

Redona Paints – Wye Valley, UK
Ranges from artists pigment to paints for home decorating

Worldwide Listings

Natural Earth Paint – US
Artists natural paint and pigment

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