Recycled & Upcycled Art

In recycled & upcycled art we focus on artists who work in reclaimed or recycled materials

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Kirstie Adamson Artist - Derbyshire, UK
Magazine and junkmail collage artist
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UK Listings

Barbara Franc – London, UK
Reclaimed metal sculpture

Heather Jansch – Westcountry, UK
Driftwood horses 

Ian Berry – London
Uses shades of layered denim as his palette to create his ‘paintings’

Jane Perkins – Exeter, Devon, UK
Collage artist 

Julie Alice Chappell – Portsmouth, UK
Bug sculptures from electronic components

Kate Kato – Herefordshire, UK
Inspired by nature, colour and texture, sculptures are made from found, natural and recycled materials

Kirstie Adamson – Derbyshire, UK
Magazines, catalogues & junkmail as paint, reclaimed frames for canvas

Kirsty Elson – Cornwall, UK
Multi media artist using found objects such as driftwood to create coastal scenes

Keith Lynn – South Shields, UK
Upcycled metal artist reclaiming old bike, and machine parts as well as old tools.

Kyle Bean – Brighton, UK
Hand crafted models 

Lesley Hilling – London, UK
Layered use of recycled materials to create her often large scale and abstract sculptures 

Lois Walpole – Shetland Islands
Designer and maker of functional objects and art works using basketry techniques.

Maggie Hollingworth – Nottinghamshire, UK
Contemporary works from recycled paper waste

Nick Gentry – London, UK
Paints on reclaimed materials such as floppy disks

Richard Blacklaw-Jones – Pembrokeshire, UK
Beachcombing artist 

Sarah Turner – Nottingham, UK
Eco Art & Design - lighting & decorative items

Val Hunt – UK
Creative recycling artist

Worldwide Listings

Andrew Chase – Salt Lake City, US
Metal sculptures

Derek Gores – Melbourne, Florida, US
Original collage 

Erika Iris Simmons – Princeton, US
Art from old film and cassettes 

El Anatsui – Africa

Gerard Collas – France
Upcycled assemblages & sculpture

Leo Sewell – Philadelphia, US
Junk sculpture 

Michael Kalish – Los Angeles, US
Art from licence plates 

Michelle Stitzlein – Ohio, US
Recycled wall art and sculpture 

Paul Villinski – New York, US
Artist using drinks cans 

Sayaka Ganz – Indiana, US
Reclaimed Creations

Tom Deininger – Rhoade Island, US
Collage artist 

Yuken Teruya – New York, US
Toilet roll art and more 

Yong Ho Ji – Korea
Tyre sculpture 

Zac Freeman – US
Collage artist 



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