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Homemade Home

Be inspired to create a
home that reflects you and
the things that you love
with the help of Kirstie’s
Homemade Home.

Environmentally Friendly Homewares

Create the perfect eco friendly home with environmentally friendly homewares.

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EcoCreate Marketplace Listings

Marketplace shops are listed here

Becks Creative – Greater London, UK
Upcycled fabric and papercrafts
Shop - www.eco-create.co.uk/shop/becks-creative


KL Metal Art – Tyne and Wear, UK
Upcycled metal art & sculptures for the home and garden
Shop - www.eco-create.co.uk/shop/k-l-metal-art


The Sewing Machine – Kent, UK
Upcycled fabric & organic cotton creations
Shop -www.eco-create.co.uk/shop/the-sewing-machine


Woodsman Crafts – Derby, UK
Greenwood carving, barkwork and weaving.
Shop - www.eco-create.co.uk/shop/woodsman-crafts


UK Listings

Beetroot Press – UK
Eco-friendly homewares

Celestine & The Hare – Monmouthshire, Wales UK
A fibre artist making animal sculptures from pure sheep wool. Passionate about wildlife and nature, natural crafts, sustainability.

EcoArk, Cornwall UK
Sustainable products for a smart generation. No matter what you do or how you live, saving energy and reducing your impact on the environment has paybacks.
Available Here

KL Metal Art – Tyne and Wear, UK
Upcycled metal art & sculptures for the home and garden

Laura Cahill – Birmingham, UK
Vases from old books

Made By MessyMuppet – Devon, UK
Upcycled and Unique handcrafted Jewellery, crocheted Accessories, Photo frames & Pictures and Gifts.

Ruperts House – UK
Sustainable homewares

The Unique Gift Co - Yorkshire, UK
Beautiful gifts and furniture from recycled unwanted or foraged materials.
Each piece is unique, individually hand-made so you’ll never find an exact copy!

Trash Girl – Derbyshire, UK
Creates from recycled & reclaimed materials

Woodsman Crafts – Derbyshire, UK
Woodland crafts, greenwood carving, tool maker and leather worker.

Worldwide Listings

Bella Jackson Studios – Napa, California
Repurposed silverware

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