Recycled, Upcycled & Vintage Jewellery

Looking for something different?  How about recycled,  upcycled or vintage jewellery?

So what do we have in recycled, upcycled, vintage jewellery? Jewellery upcycled from old, discarded or broken jewellery to be beautiful once again. We also have jewellery made from found and waste materials.

Beautiful inspired creations

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Made By Messy Muppet – Devon, UK
Upcycled and Unique handcrafted Jewellery, crocheted Accessories, Photo frames & Pictures and Gifts.
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UK Listings

Abscraft –  Mersyside, UK
Eco designer and maker of over 20 years working with wire reclaimed from old televisions, sweetie wrappers and ribbons from inside clothes.

Betty Pepper –  UK
Recycled  jewellery 

Bough To Beauty – Lancashire, UK
Upcycled wooden lasercut jewellery: cufflinks, necklaces, brooches, badges, earrings & rings

Dragonfly Arts & Crafts – Cornwall, UK
Seaglass Jewellery

Foundlings – Derbyshire, UK
Victorian pocketwatch and spectacle lens jewellery 

Junkshop, Manchester, UK
Vintage jewellery and sustainable fashion

Made By MessyMuppet – Devon, UK
Upcycled and Unique handcrafted Jewellery, crocheted Accessories, Photo frames & Pictures and Gifts.

Pert as a Pyet - South Yorkshire, UK
Jewelry made in Sheffield using old spoons,key, bottletops, fabric felt, beads.

Ring Jewellery – Brighton, UK
Jewellery remodelling 

The Antique Jewellery Company – London, UK
Vintage jewellery 

Thrashion ltd  - Cornwall, UK
Jewellery and accessories handmade from broken and recycled skateboards

Worldwide Listings

Alex and Ani – US
Eco-friendly jewellery 

Alkemie – US
Reclaimed metal jewellery 

Christiane Diehl – Hannover
Waste rubber jewellery 

Dankartistry – US
Spoon Rings Spoon Bracelets and Silverware Jewellery

Foxglove accessories – US
Postage stamp jewelley 

Freely Hand Made  - Made in Kenya – Based in Leicester, UK
A social business specialising in hand crafted footwear and accessories. Eco-friendly sandals, shoes, boots & accessories are made using organic material such as hessian, recycled tyres and coconut wood!

Hi Octane – US
Car part jewellery

Indregru - Switzerland 
Recycled Jewellery 

Julia Bray Garretson – US
Recycled jewellery 

Junk Prints – US
Custom Vinyl jewellery 

Katie Ann Creations – US
Drinks can jewellery 

Kotik Design – Israel
Bottle cap jewellery 

Lost & Found Objects 2 – US
Assemblage jewellery 

Mana Bernades – Portugal
Recycled Jewellery 

Meg Hannon – US
Fibre jewellery

Obvious Front – US
Robot charms from electrical components 

Once Again Sam – US
Upcycled leather and suede jewellery

Zippered Heart – US
Zip jewellery

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