Fairytales, Myths & Legends Exhibition Launch

Fairytales, Myths & Legends Exhibition Launch

What a fantastic way to start 2016! We had a wonderful time on Saturday as we gathered to celebrate the launch of our eco and upcycled art exhibition ‘Fairytales, Myths & Legends’.

The exhibition aims to highlight the issues surrounding climate change and showcases the work of fourteen UK artists Learn More

During the event the winners of our Gold, Silver and Bronze awards were announced. The awards were made by the talented Keith Lynn of KL Metal art.

Awards made by KL Metal Art

The recipients were chosen by our panel of judges Michelle from Remade In Britain, Olivia form Preloved and Jen from Make do and mend-able.

We were thrilled that Michelle and Olivia were able to join us on the night to announce the winners and help present the awards.

Michelle, Olivia, Kirstie & Charlotte

& the winner is…..

The Gold Award was presented to Elizabeth Blades for ‘How does your garden grow?’

How does your garden grow?

My image was created to illustrate the juxtaposition that can occur between our good intentions for the environment and what we actually do. The perfect garden is emblazoned on the girls clothes, yet her actual garden is dying and in turn also the bees. The image drives us to question are we doing enough for the environment or are we just paying it lip service. Perhaps it makes us think that as much a sentiment is important, action is what will save our bees and our planet. How does your garden grow isn’t just a fanciful question but a direct reality we must all face head on.

Price: Limited Edition Print
Framed £130.00
Unframed £100.00

The Silver Award was presented to Kate Whiting for Rising Dawn Phoenix Shawl

Rising Dawn Phoenix Shawl

The concept for this piece comes from the phoenix depicting the ever available chance to accept the new day and face the global changes Mother Earth is urging us to take.

The colours of the Dawn rising from the darkness in the Phoenix’s tail bringing joy, hope and passion as the sunrise colours move up through the wings.
The phoenix who in mythology is associated with the sun, is here in this shawl providing the message that we all need to take action now to create a planet that will be here for our children’s children and beyond to fill their souls.

It’s not too late to take action and grasp the new dawn of change and like the phoenix be reborn into taking control of preserving this planet which provides the life force for us all.

The shawl has been handmade and designed by myself using yarn hand dyed with acid free dyes here in the uk.


The Bronze Award was presented to Jacquelyn Cook for Fairy Wood

Fairy Wood

Fairy Wood

Inspired by the wood itself! All our wood is recycled in some way – rescued from the rubbish tip and given a new lease of life. This piece was spotted on a friend’s log pile and we felt it was far too beautiful to burn. The markings in the wood were extremely unique and reminded me of a gnarly tree and so I have worked with the various grains and marks on the wood to build up this fantasy landscape.
The ethos of our business is to make gifts and furniture from wood that would otherwise be discarded, either on a bonfire or landfill. Therefore this piece has a practical function as a wine-rack, however the addition of ‘pyro-art’ makes it truly unique!

Unfortunately this piece isn’t for sale but similar can be commissioned

How absolutely amazing is this cake we had made for the launch!? Thank you so much to  James and the giant cake for creating it for us Can you spot your favourite Fairytale?

Fairytale Cake – James & The Giant Cake

The exhibition will run from 5th – 29th January 2016 Monday – Friday 10am until 3pm. Viewing outside of these times is by appointment only.
Banks Mill Studios 71 Bridge Street Derby DE1 3LB

About Kirstie Adamson

Kirstie Adamson is a magazine & junkmail collage artist. Co-Founder of EcoCreate art & craft network and a passionate revamp crafter!


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