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I love watching the birds on our homemade feeders through the kitchen window. We have lots of visitors at the moment to our yogurt pot and pudding bowl creations. I’d love to add some more throughout the garden and so I’ve been looking for ideas, here are some that I’ve found so far….

These lovely little bird treats I spotted at Monday’s #ecocreatehour. They are handmade by Handmade@Highshore, students at a special needs secondary school in London. They recycle broken jewellery, old clothing and materials, remake furniture and sell their work.

Thank you to them for this tip!

Our secret is using gelatine not fat so they don’t go rancid & can be stored in a biscuit tin.



EcoCreate member Simon’s Shed has some great ideas for upcycled feeders. Using a mixture of pallet wood, glass bottles and crockery.

This is what Simon had to tell us about his creations,

All the feeders are 100% repurposed and made using very basic wood working skills and are cheap to make. The wine bottle / beer bottle feeders could be hung to attract smaller birds like sparrows, finches or tits or could be used as ground feeders for birds like blackbirds or robins that prefer to eat on the floor. Some versions have the bottle attached by string I added the wooden support.

The teacup feeder is for the smaller birds and is made around the cup and saucer – in this case cost £2.50 from a charity shop. The wood work is slightly more challenging but is only screwed together and the cup and saucer are fixed using exterior grab adhesive. Both types are made from pallet wood. Both types can be made in about an hour or so.

Bird tables are trickier and if you were buying new wood wouldn’t be economic to make compared to cheap versions you can buy but this one was all reclaimed and took about a day to make. I didn’t paint it that colour! It was done by my friend who I made it for.

Credit: www.eco-create.co.uk/shops/simons-shed/


If you’re looking for a simple make then why not try this quick and easy bottle bird feeder design

Credit: https://www.sainsburysbank.co.uk/money-matters/build-a-bird-feeder


The bottle feeder idea and our own yogurt pot feeders are both great projects to get the kids involved. Our two love seeing all our different feathered visitors and learning their names.

The how to for the yogurt pot feeders can be found here www.eco-create.co.uk/find/upcycled-yogurt-pot-bird-feeders/

We’d love to hear more ideas, how do you attract birds to your garden?

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Kirstie Adamson is a magazine & junkmail collage artist. Co-Founder of EcoCreate art & craft network and a passionate revamp crafter!


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