Finding a new work space.

I’m currently trying to find a little work space for myself amidst the chaos. Somewhere where I can be close, but not so close that I keep getting distracted/sidetracked by everything. At present this is my workspace/sanctuary/office

 Yes it’s a box next to the sofa. It has everything I need there, including a few erm yarny distractions, and it is in the absolute midst of the chaos!

Then we have my Friday night workspace

Kirstie’s kitchen. Which I’m sure you will agree looks pretty damn awesome but is sadly at Kirstie’s house and not as close as I would like! And then I had a brainwave. I only needed a smallish kind of space, warm, close by, comfy …..where could match my criteria? somewhere in the garden, the shed? No too cold and dirty. Spare room ? No too inconvenient  to constantly move things when people stay. Aha I know ……. somewhere  that meets all the criteria …
None other than my little camper van! The tax runs out at the end of Oct, so we have it off road for the winter. It’s warm (ish) dry, comfy, has electric, is right next to the house so I’m near but also out of the way. Perfect! Now I just need to re arrange things a little and move my stuff in!

About Charlotte

Charlotte Rhoades loves all things yarn! A partner at EcoCreate and owner at The Captain & Lovely.

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