How To Make A Flower String Printing Block

I have used this technique many times and still have and use blocks I made that are over 15 years old. The design can be as  complicated or as simple as you like but remember when using text to write backwards!

You will need

Wood off cut approx 8cm square
PVA craft glue

How to

  1. Cut five pieces of string 7cm in length.
  2. Coat one side of the wood off cut in craft glue.
  3. Fold a piece of string in two, allowing it to bend.
  4. Lay the string onto the glued side of the wood so that the ends of the string are in the centre and the string forms a teardrop shape.
  5. Repeat with the remaining string evenly spacing your petals.
  6. Apply an additional coat of glue.
  7. Allow to dry throughly before using.

Alternative Designs

String Print

String Print


If you prefer a pointed petal you can pinch a crease into the middle of your piece of string.

For more complicated designs, coat the string in pva glue before applying to the wood.

You can use card instead of wood but your block will not last as long.

This has been tested with acrylic and fabric paints

The quality of the print tends to improve after the first few so I recommend a test run.

For a really clear print you can lay the paper on top of your painted block and run your finger over the pattern of the string. Instead of the traditional technique of painting and pushing down.

Project by Trash girl

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