10 Upcycling Ideas For Your Garden

We’ve finally managed to get a bit of time out in the garden this weekend, we are very late this year with our planting, the kids love having their very own vegetable patch and choosing what they are going to grow each year! As usual the main favourites are pumpkins and sunflowers! We love trying new ideas for upcycling in the garden, here are some of the things we have tried so far …

1. Egg boxes, cardboard tubes & yoghurt pot seed tray alternatives
You can grow seeds in just about anything, this year we’re trialling egg boxes, yoghurt pots and cardboard tubes! So far so good, we stuffed newspaper in one end of the tubes and pierced the bottom of the yoghurt pots for drainage. We have also had success with eggshells for growing cress

2. Lollipop stick markers
My Pop always did this and so it’s something I’ve always done. Most of the upcycling ideas for the garden come from time spent pottering with grandparents. It’s also the reason for me loving the smell of growing tomatoes and insisting on growing them every year.

3. Plastic bottle cloches
Another one from the grandparents! This works especially well with the large yogurt pots but can also be used for small plants once in the ground.

4. Milk bottle watering can
I often just grab a pop or milk bottle for watering plants but when my young son wants to help this could lead to washing seeds away. I came up with this idea to slow him down.

 5. Chimney pots containers
With regards alternative planters the possibilities are endless, one of my favourites is these old chimney pots. Stacks of tyres are also another great alternative but we’ve used everything from wellies to teapots over the years.

6. Tins for windowsill herbs & chillis
Sticking with the container theme, alternative pots for the windowsill can add a bit of character to your kitchen, the chillis are still going strong from last year.

7. Home made Scarecrow
This was definately one of may favourite projects built with my daughter a few years a go. Definately on the to do again list! Made from old clothes and stuffed with shredded paper & hay, ‘Heidi’ was a wonderful addition to the vegetable patch.

8. CD bird scarers
Another handy tip for keeping the birds away from your precious produce is to hang cd’s amongst them, they work particularly well hung from cane and twig structures for climbers.

9. Fabric hanging basket liners
I was gifted some old wire hanging baskets and decided to try lining them with old fabric which worked wonderfully and looked beautiful.

10. Soil sieve herb dryer
I really loved how well this upcycled soil sieve herb dryer project turned out, it looked wonderful hanging from the beams in the kitchen.

herb drying

What upcycling favourites do you have for the garden? We’d love to hear about them!



About Kirstie Adamson

Kirstie Adamson is a magazine & junkmail collage artist. Co-Founder of EcoCreate art & craft network and a passionate revamp crafter!


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