Gatherings an exhibition by Rosalind Pounder

Kirstie and I were lucky enough to be invited to ‘Gatherings’ an exhibition of work by the artist Rosalind Pounder, at the North End gallery in Wirksworth, Derbyshire‘Boats, vessels, nests & gatherings, ritualistic in their construction become sanctuaries finding a humble epiphany within the ordinary. A transformation at that which is often overlooked or discarded into something intriguing and unexpected.’

The works loosely fell into four collections, Garden, Grass, Tidewrack and Streetcombing. Each as detailed and intricate as the next, the fragile quality of some of the nests was truly mind blowing.

The Grass collection began with two little nests made from grass picked in North Wales, this was then added to last summer when Rosalind undertook a project ’28 days: 28 Nests’ Grass was used from garden, roadside, park, urban planting and moorland.                      The grass coiled nests with their dried seeds head were amongst some of my favourites, fragile and whimsical and in complete contrast to my other favourites the tiny coloured  wire nests, robust and jewel like in colour, made from street combed telecommunications wire, collected from the streets of  Rosalinds home town of Derby.

The Tidewrack collection is an ongoing project for Rosalind, the first nests were made with materials gathered from the beach strandline, but her most recent have been hand tying roots with fishing twine and smearing with local mud and chalk.


The Garden collection, which began with a tiny coiled sewn nest made with cuttings from a friends garden, eventually grew into a collection of 100 tiny nests housed together in a box covered with found and recycled paper. These wrapped bundles formed the next stage of progression using materials gathered from garden, park, woodland and pavement.

It was fantastic  to be  able to  see all the elements together, their installation creates a wonderful atmosphere.

The exhibition runs until the 12 th May.




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