Handmade Party Ideas – Paper Mache Butterfly Pinata

Paper Mache Butterfly Pinata

You may remember the Easter egg pinata we made from upcycled magazines See Project

This has since become a bit of a family tradition and has been reimagined several times now. My nieces request for a butterfly pinata being the most challenging so far so I thought I’d share how we did it. My son and daughter were very involved in this project, it really is a great project to do with kids.

What we used

Cardboard tube
Craft Glue
Paint brushes
Empty Icecream tub

What we did 

  1. First we make the former for our paper mache. We used a cardboard tube that was from the centre of some wrapping paper. We cut this down to size, squashing one end together and joining the edges with tape. The top end we made a cut about 4cm long on opposite sides of the tube. We then tapped these to form two points. We blew up four balloons, two slightly smaller than the others. We taped these either side of our tube.Paper mache butterfly pinata
  2. We cut the magazines in to manageable strips and mixed up approx 75% PVA and 25% water in an old ice cream tub.Paper mache butterfly pinata
  3. We then applied the paper strips to one side of the former and left to dry.Paper mache butterfly pinata
  4. Turning over the project we then covered the other side, this time leaving holes to add the prize.Paper mache butterfly pinata
  5. We repeated this until there were about three layers. Once dry fill with wrapped sweets or chocolates. Then paper mache over the holes. Paper mache butterfly pinata
  6. For the final layer we used white paper. The white paper is to make the painted layer easier but you could of course decorate with colour found in magazines as we did with the Easter egg pinata.Paper mache butterfly pinata
  7. Once completely dry we painted one side, allowed to dry, turned over and repeated the pattern on the other size.Paper mache butterfly pinata
  8. We then threaded thick string through the centre of the tube to hang. You may find this easier to do at the former stage and if I repeat this project I will do that. Tip: to make threading the string through easier I taped one end to a long paintbrush and threaded through. Removing the paintbrush before hanging.Paper mache butterfly pinata
  9. We used a scarf as a blind fold and a wooden bat to hit it with.Paper mache butterfly pinata


About Kirstie Adamson

Kirstie Adamson is a magazine & junkmail collage artist. Co-Founder of EcoCreate art & craft network and a passionate revamp crafter!


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