How to make a ‘Granny Stripe’ blanket ( and use up your yarn scraps!)

An easy to follow guide to make your very own crocheted ‘granny’ blanket.

What you need:

A crochet hook  approximate size 4.5mm ( that’s a good all rounder)

Lots of yarn- I like to use oddments I have left over from previous projects, it makes a beautiful scrappy blanket and contains lots of memories, the weights and blends often vary but to be honest I find that adds to the  over all appeal!  If you are using new it really does depend on the size of blanket you are after and weight of your yarn. A couple of 100g balls of DK would probably be enough for a pram blanket- but it really is up to you depending on what colour/s you fancy and the size of your finished blanket.  If you just wanted a plain blanket and edge at the end with a contrasting colour I think that would work really well too.

Stitches used ( Uk)

Chain, Double, treble, slip stitch

Difficulty rating:



To begin, select your  first ( or only) colour and make a chain the desired width of your blanket counting in multiples of 3.

Turn, chain 1 and then double crochet in each stitch to the end.

At this point you can either change colour or continue for another row. To chance colour, slip stitch into your last double crochet. Cut the yarn and pull tight. Create a slip stitch with the new colour and insert your hook, with the new colour on your hook insert it into the last double crochet, slip stitch and chain 3. You are now ready to begin your granny stripe.

If you have not already at the end of the last row turn and chain 3.  Do 2 trebles into the first stitch of the new row.

Miss 2 stitches  of the row below and then do 3 treble crochet in the 3rd stitch, repeat this pattern  until you reach the end of the row.

If you wish to change colour after each row do so now ( this creates a more dappled colour effect) Or if you prefer more defined ‘stripes’ change colour after every 2 rows.

A more defined stripe effect

A  slightly more dappled effect

Turn and begin the pattern sequence again, except this time do 3 trebles in each ‘space’  ( make by the treble clusters ) on the row below, continue until the end of the row.

Repeat this pattern until your blanket reaches the desired length.

To finish once you have done your final row of trebles, you may wish to edge the 3 sides ( excluding the beginning row ) with a row of double crochet. This will give a more defined edge and is it great way to hide any loose ends that may need weaving in. 

About Charlotte

Charlotte Rhoades loves all things yarn! A partner at EcoCreate and owner at The Captain & Lovely.

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