How to make Peanut Butter.

I’ve recently decided to try and avoid palm oil wherever possible. This is easier said than done as it seems to be in EVERYTHING! This is especially sad when I discover it in my fav organic peanut butter ( we eat a lot of peanut butter!)

So rather than try and find another one I decided we would make our own. I went and bought a big bag of peanuts and informed the children of my plan. Imagine my surprise when I discovered they were all under the impression that peanut butter is made from peanuts ..and er butter. Its just peanuts. Or rather that’s all it needs to be, you don’t need to add sugar or oil ( or butter ) It was really very simple.

I got a bag of roasted peanuts ( you can use raw and roast them yourself if you like) and emptied it into the blender. And then I blended it. That’s it , its that easy! I did stop it occasionally and push the peanuts on the side of the blender back towards the bottom, and I did add a teaspoon of coconut oil , although it wasn’t necessary , I was just impatient. We scooped it out and the children declared it a success!

‘Creamier and more peanutty than the jar stuff’

‘Tastes different , nicer I think’

‘Can I have some now? On some toast? Can I lick the spoon ? The blender? ‘

and then as I revelled in the praise and felt really smug at how easy it had all been I caught sight of the back of the peanut packet, Ingredients: Peanuts, salt , Palm oil.  Nooooooooooo

Next time I shall buy palm oil free peanuts!! Think it would work well with other nuts too, looking forward to trying Almond butter.

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