Lavender Uses, Products, Recipes & Craft Project Ideas

We have an abundance of lavender outside our front door so I’m always looking for new ways to use it. Here are a few of my favourites and those I plan to have a go at soon!

Bees love our lavender

Uses For Lavender

Feed the Bees!
Our lavender is always covered in bees throughout the summer so I never cut it all down. In fact I intend to plant some in the back to attract more to the garden.

Repel Moths & More
They hate the smell apparently so it great for wardrobes & drawers. It has the same effect on bed bugs too!

Aid sleep
Placing lavender under your pillow is said to help you sleep. It is often associated with relaxation.

It’s anti-septic qualities make it popular choice for cleaning products as well as bath and body.

Stings & Burns
The oil can be used for stings, burns, cuts and problem skin.

Lavender has been used as a natural alternative for treating anxiety and depression.

Craft Projects

Lavender Bags
So incredibly simple to make and  great for containing the lavender. There are many ways to do this but this is one of the simplest…

See our quick and easy lavender bag tutorial

easy lavender bags tutorial

Lavender Wands
I’ve been meaning to have a go at this for years and finally got around to doing so recently. These are great in wardrobes, drawers, under pillows or even in your car.

Learn how to make lavender wands

how to make lavender wands

Lavender Dye
Now I did try this before and it was a complete disaster. I just attained yet another shade of brown. I do plan to attempt this again though as I think it was down to using old lavender.

Learn more about making natural dyes

Lavender Wreaths
I really want to have a go at this they look so pretty. I think I’m going to have a go at the one that uses the stems to form the wreath as oppose to added them to a straw or wire ring.  I found this lovely tutorial for a simple lavender wreath here

Upcycle a glass jar
Of course it does just look pretty on it’s own in an upcycled glass jar. I find passata jars work particularly well.

Lavender Products

Bath & Body
Lavenders wonderful scent, antiseptic and relaxation properties make it a popular choice for bath and body products.

traditional cold pressed soap organic and vegan

We love this fabulous bar of traditional cold-pressed soap handmade by EcoCreate member Handmade Haven. This one has lavender* essential oil added which is both relaxing and uplifting.

Learn More

Greenabubs award winning balm is also available with a lavender scent ‘Bliss’. I wonderful balm for mother and baby, it was chosen by Green Parent for an award

Learn More

lavender balm

Home Scents
Maple aromatics use lavender in their simmering granules and candle jars perfect for scenting your home and relaxing

Learn More

handmade candles

They also make these lovely hanging freshners which would be perfect for the wardrobe or car

Learn More

lavender hanging scents

Recipes With Lavender

Culinary Lavender
You will see this a lot in lavender recipes, culinary lavender is lavender that hasn’t been treated with chemicals. I was already aware of quite a few recipes but have found a lot more since researching this post. I have made some Lavender sugar in readiness for trying some new ideas. Here are some of the ones I hope to try soon.

Lavender Lemonade
This look wonderful, I like to look of this recipe here that uses honey

Lavender Sugar
Their are tonnes of recipes out there, I followed this one 

Homemade lavender sugar

Lavender Shortbread
This seems to be a very popular recipes, there is a wonderful recipe here for heart shaped biscuits

Lavender Meringue
This should satisfy my sweet tooth they sound scrummy! Definately going to try these

There are so many recipes out there when you start looking, these are just a few I have choosen to get me started. This lot should keep me busy for a while!




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Kirstie Adamson is a magazine & junkmail collage artist. Co-Founder of EcoCreate art & craft network and a passionate revamp crafter!

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