Making Peg Dolls – Crafting With Kids

These peg dolls were lots of fun to make, my nine year old daughter particularly enjoyed this project.

What we used

Wooden dolly pegs, Glue, Double sided tape
Face - Felt tip pens
Clothes - Fabric scraps, Ribbons, Carrier bags, Wool oddments
Arms – Wire, String or Twigs
Hats – Bottle tops/crowns, Buttons, Acorn cups
Hair – Wool/Yarn oddments, Netting from fruit packaging

What we did

The great thing about this project is that it is so versatile, with just a little imagination many interesting characters can be created.

  1. Start by drawing on a face with felt tip pens, we went with as simple dot for each eye and thin arc for the mouth.
  2. Next we used a little glue to attach short pieces of yarn as hair, on one doll we used a small piece of netting cut from the packaging of some lemons.
  3. We used a little more of the glue to attach a hat. We used a mixture of  acorn caps, bottle crowns and buttons. We also made one wearing a head scarf cut from a fabric scrap.
  4. For the arms we used a piece of wire wrapped around the peg with twisted loops each end for hands. We also tried string and even a green twig.
  5. To dress the doll, cut out a square of fabric and make a small cross cut in the centre. Slide the peg in. Cut two small holes to push the arms through.
  6. We used a piece of ribbon tied around the neck of the hole to hold the dress on. Then wrap this across the front of the peg and tie at the back in a bow. We thought the lace ribbon looked a little like wings so when we made the version with the carrier bag we deliberately cut the ends in to wing shapes. 
  7. We dressed some with separate tops and bottoms and made arms for this one by wrapping a piece of matching fabric around a pipe cleaner before attaching with glue.
  8. We also made a version with yarn wrapped around it to make the clothes. This was good for giving the effect of trousers.
  9. I found a small bell in one of the my odds and ends tins so I gave this to one of the dolls to hold.
My daughter then spent time role playing with the dolls, one is now at home in a pot plant and another now lives on my desk. She wants to make somewhere for them to live so we may see them again in a future project!




About Kirstie Adamson

Kirstie Adamson is a magazine & junkmail collage artist. Co-Founder of EcoCreate art & craft network and a passionate revamp crafter!

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