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Knowing who you are sourcing your products from is one of the great things about buying handmade and supporting small businesses. It is also our main motivation for creating EcoCreate, to know that the things we buy are eco, ethical and that the maker is getting a fair price creating in a way they enjoy.

We asked Sara at Greenabubs to tell us a little about herself and how she started her company selling green mum & baby products, this is what she had to say -

HI I’m Sara, work at home mum to Isobella and Leon. I have always been interested in all things Green and when first bubs Izzy came along she inspired me to create Greenabubs!

I retailed family eco products at first but had a vision to one day make my own products, 5 years later I am completely in love with crafting. I knit, sew, dye, plus I create skincare and woolcare, all from my home in Manchester.

I have worked hard with lots of experimenting, learning from friends and family and various short courses have all helped me to be where I am today. The focus of my store is on mums, babies and children. Each product is as natural as possible, everyone deserves to have a little luxury!

I love to make clothes for babies and children, I knit and sew using only the finest quality materials. My favourite fabric to work with is Organic Cotton knit as its just so soft, perfect for precious little ones. I love to knit with Organic merino yarn for the same reasons.

I have occasional instock yarn hiding in the nook. Recently I found a love for natural dyes, each project is like an experiment and a pure joy to work on. Also featured are lots of little goodies such as wipes and breastpads made with luxury fabrics.

My passion! Lotions and potions made as naturally as possible. My “baby” is GREENABALM which won an award last year in the Green Parent Awards!

Greenabalm is an opulent product using the finest natural ingredients with luxury frosted packaing to match.There are four versions available all suitable from age 3 months plus can be used on any part of the skin. In addition NUDE can be used in pregnancy, on nipples while breastfeeding and on newborn babies Each is packed full of beautiful oils (Apricot, plum, coconut,) blended with a beeswax to a smooth moisturising balm.

NUDE- With no essential oils
CALM – With roman chamomile essential oil
ZEST – With sweet orange essential oil
BLISS – With Lavender essential oil

I also provide top quality woolwash to care for all your woolens and lanolin for those who have wooly nappy covers

I truly love my job, creating for families is a pleasure and really makes me smile. It also means I can stay at home with my beautiful bubbas so to all my loyal customers and future ones, THANK YOU!

You can see more from Greenabubs on EcoCreate here Visit Shop

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Kirstie Adamson is a magazine & junkmail collage artist. Co-Founder of EcoCreate art & craft network and a passionate revamp crafter!

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