Eco Friendly Music & Instruments

Upcycled & Eco Friendly instruments and the musicians who use them

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UK Listings

Bang On – London, UK
Junk percussion duo

Dorothy Croft Trust – London, UK
Collect unused instruments and sell them for charity

Junk4Funk – East Midlands, UK
Waste packaging musical instrument workshops.
Covers Environmental and Musical areas of the Curriculum.

Stomp – US & UK
Percussion & musical theatre and

Worldwide Listings

Birdmen – US
Cigar box ukuleles

Carmine Street Guitars – US
guitars from reclaimed materials

Couch Guitar Straps – US
Seatbelt guitar straps

Eco Funk Picks- US
Eco friendly picks

Landfill Harmonic - Paraguay
Recycled orchestra project 

Recycled percussion- Las Vegas
Band using recycled instruments to create ‘junk rock’

Stomp – US & UK
Percussion & musical theatre and


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