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No Serial Number is a new eclectic lifestyle magazine about eco-conscious design. Francesca Palange tells us more about their fantastic venture…

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2nd Issue Of No Serial Number Magazine

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The project and its outlook for the future

The origin of lies in the consciousness raising work of a family living between a big city (London) and a small town in the Abruzzo mountains of Central Italy (Navelli).

The consciousness raising was a gradual progression that began when we observed the changes going on in the world around us and the impact these were having on all industries. This observation was coupled with a desire to slow the precipitous rate of change before – in the not too distant future – the world becomes a difficult, if not impossible place to live.

Behind this project lies a question; in a world that is hurtling towards self-destruction, is it possible for us as individuals to intervene, even in just a small way, so that we can slow this phenomenon that is already widespread and is producing such catastrophic effects for the population of the entire planet?

no serial number magazine

Francesca’s Mum was created as a small family project aimed at asking these questions and looking for answers. As parents and daughters, united by blood, a close connection to nature and concerns about the uncontrolled growth of ‘postmodern phenomenon’ – whether that be mass production of shoddy goods with a short lifespan, rampant waste production, the loss of traditional skills from collective memory, or terrible working conditions etc – we found ourselves wondering if there was something we could do.

no serial number magazine

Home Cooking

The initial spark was led by an interest in chemical free home cooking (with particular attention paid to the quality and origin of products used), natural textiles and fibres, and the potential for using natural processes to dye and print on fabric.

Helichrysum was picked during the ecoprint workshop

Helichrysum used for ecoprint workshop is the response to this driving need felt in all sectors of the sustainable world (art, design and craft, agriculture, health etc).

Noserialnumber aims to be a platform for a world that is slowing the planet’s path to self-destruction. It is a meeting place for all those – craftspeople, designers, small business owners – who are involved in the making, reusing, salvaging, recycling, or are interested in quality and nature, across all sectors (fashion, furnishings, agriculture, gastronomy etc).

Traditional Craft & Eco Printing

Starting as a Facebook page and blog in spring 2015, we aim to reach an ever increasing audience united by a common interest, from different yet converging disciplines and regardless of international borders.

To achieve this, No Serial Number has launched an e-magazine which will be published seasonally, a decision made to bring back a sense of time being dictated by the seasons rather than calendars. If it reaches the heights of a printed magazine, then it will be printed strictly on recycled paper.

The magazine is organised into sections of interest (Traditional Trades and Crafts, Country Chronicles, Home Chronicles, The Multifunctional Garden, Travel Chronicles, Kitchen Chronicles, Events). We collect stories, articles and reviews that could come from anywhere in the world, although the focus is on Great Britain and Italy – the countries that the editors have direct access to information from.

Traditional Crafts

Traditional Craft & Eco Printing

In order to widen the range of information, contributions and experiences shared, No Serial Number has created a Facebook group (Promote Your Sustainable / Eco-Conscious Design, Craft or Fashion Business) which is aimed at all those who feel an affinity with the project. All group members can suggest articles and projects for the blog – step by step guides and articles accompanied by photos are particularly welcomed.

The growth of interest in the project since its inception in April 2015 confirms that the initiative is on the right tracks and foresees a healthy outlook for the future; online we are seeing that there is a huge, diverse and international public united by the same concerns and interests and we are inviting them to become key players on the platform.

Ideally, we envisage a community where lines between editors and writers are continually blurred.

It is a gamble which pushes us further forward. Our work does not end with the magazine, but transcends it, with the hope of fostering a general sense of awareness that is of paramount importance to guarantee that future generations will be able to live with dignity.

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