Press flowers with old books

Old books are perfect for pressing flowers. This is a great project for getting the kids involved albeit in small quantities if they have a short attention span. Mine love the collecting and the crafting at the end but get a little bored when we’re laying them out if we have been over enthusiastic with the gathering.

I still have the flowers I wore in my hair when I was a bridesmaid as a girl, I love the opportunity to use flowers with a nostalgic story, I’m terribly sentimental!

I’ve found the more colourful the petals the better, white and pale colours do tend to go brown. Lay the flowers out, face down, on a page of the book, or sideways if that suits your purpose better.

Leave a few pages between each layer of flowers

Forget-me-nots are my favourite and can be pressed individually or as a sprig.

Once all the flowers are pressed out, place the book at the bottom of a stack or under something heavy for a few weeks.

Gently lift the flowers into a container, some my need a gently nudge.

My daughter enjoyed using these in her drawing or you can use them for laying out in bouquet in a preloved frame, this makes a lovely gift especially if the flowers are associated with a special day.

About Kirstie Adamson

Kirstie Adamson is a magazine & junkmail collage artist. Co-Founder of EcoCreate art & craft network and a passionate revamp crafter!

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