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By Florence Scialom, Network of Wellbeing

What do you really enjoy spending your time on? What are the positive experiences that make you excited to get out of bed in the morning? Do these questions bring to mind experiences of things you are proud to have made, of positive connections, or of things you’ve shared with others? If so then the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) is keen to hear from you!

NOW is currently running an online photo competition as part of a series of activities titled Sharing Our World’. We are inviting people to submit photos of their experiences sharing, connecting and making, for a chance to win some great prizes. This competition forms part of a wider series of activities exploring the links between wellbeing, consumerism and the environment.

The Sharing Our World series is timed around two internationally significant upcoming events: Buy Nothing Day / Black Friday on Friday 27th November and the COP21 climate negotiations due to run in Paris from 30th November until 11th December. In addition to the photo series, we’ll also be publishing a series of online videos and blogs, and we’ll be running a foraging walk in Totnes.

Photo Credit:Creative Wellbeing

Are you ready for the Experience Revolution?

The Sharing Our World series launched on Monday 23rd November with a guest blog post and video from bestselling author of Stuffocation, James Wallman, titled Are You Ready for the Experience Revolution?James argues that materialism is no longer working for us; it’s not making us any happier and it’s become bad for our societies and the environment. As an alternative, James suggests we need to focus less on possessions and more on experiences.

In addition, EcoCreate have contributed an excellent guest blog post to the series about their ‘Fairytales, Myths & Legends’ exhibition, which is inspired by the concept that climate change is not the fairytale, myth or legend many would like to believe, and wishes to inspire others to improve their sustainability. Plus, we also have a guest blog post from Jen Gale at Make Do and Mendable (a judge on the panel of EcoCreate’s exhibition), reflecting on how much stuff we really need and the value of upcycling.

Also due to be featured in the Sharing Our World series are:Leader of the UK Green Party Natalie Bennett, Director of Story of Stuff Louis Fox, author Lorenzo Fioramonti, environmentalist George Marshall, Chair of the Green Alliance Fiona Reynolds, Stop GDP campaigner Martin Whitlock. So please watch out on NOW’s blog, video library and social media channels in the coming weeks!

Photo Credit:Steph Rooney Wellbeing Art

How to get involved

In NOW’s Sharing our World photo competition we’d like to invite you to submit photos based broadly on the theme of positive enriching experiences – such as sharing, connecting and making – which can help you to appreciate our shared world.

To enter the competition, submit a photo (which you have taken) and caption of your positive experiences – such as sharing, connecting and/or making:

The deadline for entries is Thursday 26th November at 12pm. We will review all entries and announce a winner on Buy Nothing Day/Black Friday on Friday 27th November. Some great prizes are on offer, including inspiring books or £25 towards a wellbeing experience of your choice!

Photo Credit:Steph Rooney jar

We’d love to hear from you!

As well as entering our photo competition, and checking out the blog posts and videos, we’d also love to hear your ideas, suggestions and feedback on the themes raised through our Sharing Our World series: What do you see as the links between wellbeing, consumerism and the environment? What do events such as Buy Nothing Day/Black Friday, and the COP21 climate change negotiations mean to you? What actions are you currently taking – or do you think we could all take – to create positive change? Share your views in the comments here or email NOW hope to collate some comments you all share on our blog if possible, so any input will be much appreciated!

To find out more about the Network of Wellbeing’s work visit or follow them via Twitter and Facebook.

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