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EcoFriendly Learning


Centre for Alternative Technology – Wales, UK
Sustainability and environmentally friendly technology  see also graduate study

Eco-Centre – Derbyshire, UK
Offer a range of courses dedicated to sustainability, from traditional skills to arts and crafts to conservation.

Eden Project – Cornwall, UK
From short gardening courses to school workshops and resources to continuing professional development.

Schumacher College – Devon, UK
Transformative learning for sustainable living

Under Graduate Courses

BA(Hons) Sustainable Product Design – Falmouth, UK
how design is a powerful tool for change and can be ethical and profitable at the same time.

BA (Hons) Fine Art (Sculpture & Environmental Art) – Glasgow, Scotland, UK
The Environmental Art programme being established since the mid 1980s

Post Graduate Courses

MFA Art, Space & Nature - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
A framework of advanced study in the visual arts, architectural and environmental practice.

MA Art & Environment – Falmouth, UK
Focused, practice-based engagement with ecological and environmental issues

MA Sustainable Design – Brighton, UK
Designers, communicators, writers, scientists and other creative workers, who want to redirect their practice toward achieving sustainability, and become agents of change

MA Sustainable Product Design – Surrey, UK
Conceptual process and context for the development of creative and innovative products, which includes the study of socio-cultural and economic issues; new technologies; and creative visual language in relation to your practice.

MSc Sustainable Architecture and Healthy Buildings - Derby University, UK
Sustainable architecture design theories and principles, but with awareness of potential issues of human health in buildings.

MSc Sustainable Design and Innovation – Derby University, UK
Recognise and apply appropriate technologies and innovative thinking. 


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