Vegan/dairy free banana breakfast smoothie

This is by far my favourite smoothie to have in the morning, its fruity, creamy, sweet and a bit chocolatey like a banana milkshake with non of the added sugar!

Its a bit of a mish mash of a few recipes and since I ‘invented’ it I have since seen it cropping up all over the place, so perhaps a more commonly yummy combo than I first suspected!



Ripe bananas ( I use ones I have previously frozen  for a more icecreamy consistency)

Non Dairy milk of choice ( I use unsweetened almond milk ) doesn’t have to be non dairy to be honest but thats what i’ve tried it with!

1 teaspoon  of peanut butter ( recipe to make your own here)

1 teaspoon/tablespoon ( depends how chocolately you like it   ) of cocoa nibs.

Teaspoon of chia seeds ( optional)

And really thats it – bung them all in the blender ( if you’re using frozen bananas chop them up first and use the ice crush setting first) and blend away! Start with a little milk and add as you go along to get the required consistency ( I like it THICK!) pour into a glass and enjoy. Perfect for breakfasts or when you’re a bit peckish, or after a work out, or whenever you fancy really. And if you have used fresh bananas to start with you can even pop it in an icelolly mould and voila choc chic banana smoothie lollies!

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Charlotte Rhoades loves all things yarn! A partner at EcoCreate and owner at The Captain & Lovely.

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