Victor Scott – junk4funk.

Recycled Musical Instruments from Waste Sources

Junk4Funk is a great way to show children the possibilties of upcycling in a fun and interactive way.

Victor Scott set junk4funk up in March 2007. It facilitates workshops, mostly in schools, where waste materials are transformed into musical instruments e.g. A cereal-box becomes a guitar which can be played through an amplifier.


Recycled Musical Instruments from Waste Sources


As well as schools, junk4funk has worked for numerous councils and festivals all over the U.K., and has also delivered workshops/performances for EDF Energy, IKEA, BMW, Fair Trade and The National Trust.


The most popular creation is the junk4funk guitars. The kids tend to be amazed when they can actually be played through an amp!

“That’s sick!”
Pupil at a London Academy on first hearing his amplified guitar!

Junk4funk was included in the book “Compendium for the Civic Economy” (NESTA 2011) as an example of “social innovation”.


Future plans…..

I suppose some sort of endorsement or sponsorship offer would be good! Financial survival as a sole trading freelancer with no funding whatsoever is not easy.

ALL of junk4funk’s travel…From Belfast to Birmingham, Leicester to Inverness, Poole to Peterborough, is by public transport. (I have no car and cannot drive!)


junk4funk – Performance. from junk4funk on Vimeo.

See more ….   (Shoe-box guitar)   (Recycled rusty bicycle-wheel.)


Victor Scott – junk4funk. My Music is Rubbish!!

Telephone: 0115 972 4077 or 07807228180.

Twitter: @Victorjunk4funk



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