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How to list products

Add a basic product

In the grey horizontal menu bar click on the 'Products' link underneath the 'Products' dropdown menu.

Here you can add and edit your products.

Click on the 'add symbol' below the grey horizontal menu bar.

There are several options open to you and many will not apply, the most important things to include are as follows

General Tab > Information

The information section is the main area here you need.

Product Name

Enter the name of your product

Product Categories

Click on the 'Add categories' button

Select ALL the categories relevant to your product to make sure it is easily found. Cloick on arrows to see sub categories.

Don't forget to include your products in the relevant 'Trends' categories.

Click on 'Add categories and close'

Product Price

Enter a price in the box provided

Product Description

Enter your product description.

Try and include as much information here as you can.

What is the product made of?

What was your inspiration?

Why is it environmentally friendly?

What are the product dimensions?

What to the product feel like?

Product Status

This should be set to Active but you can hide or disable your product here if you need to temporarily need to withdraw it from sale.

Active: Product is searchable, visible and can be linked to from outside.
Hidden: Product is only available via a link or direct access to the page (does not generate a 404). It is not searchable.
Disabled: Not accessible from anywhere other than admin. If the page is accessed via a link, a 404 is generated.

Main Product Image

Here you can add the image that best represents your product, additional images can be added later. This is the image that will appear in the listings.

Click on 'Local'

Browse your computer and select the image you wish to upload. Click 'Open'

Click 'Save'

In the top right click the 'Create'

Shipping Properties

If you set up your delivery using 'Weight Dependencies' you must enter a weight for each product.

If you wish to add an additional fee to cover packaging cost this can also be added here. This will not be broken down they will be given one total cost for delivery.

That's all you need to do to list a product.

Additional Options

To make sure you make the most of your product we strongly recommend you read the following and add any relevant information to make sure your product is found not only in the EcoCreate store but through search engines.


Help your product be found in search engines such as 'Google' by adding a Product title, keywords and description.

Located in the 'General tab' > 'SEO / Meta Data'

Additional Images

More images are easy added by uploading them in the 'Images' tab

Click on 'Local'

Browse your computer and select the image you wish to upload. Click 'Open'

Click 'Save'


This helps the customer find your product. Not only will they be able to filter listings,

but also view product features on individual products.

This is under the 'Features' tab, if you click on more it should reveal additional tabs.

Tick all appropriate descriptions.

Copy product

If you have a product that is very similar to one already listed you may wish to use the clone feature.

Go to the product you wish to copy and click on the cog in the top right to reveal the dropdown menu. Then click on clone.

It is important when using this feature to make sure you update what will be the website url.

Product Discount

In order for a product discount to appear, enter the discounted price in the 'Price' field and the original price in the 'List Price' field. This is under the 'General' tab > 'Pricing & Inventory'.


If you have more than one item available you can alter the quantity in the 'In stock' field . This is also located under the 'General' tab > 'Pricing & Inventory'.

Product Options

If you would like to include options for your products you can do so under the 'Options' tab

Click on the 'Add Option' button in the top right.

Give your option a name

Choose whether you would like it to display as radio buttons or a dropdown

If you wish to be able to add variants then tick the Inventory box (If you would like the large image to change when an option if selected you will need this ticked).

Any information added to the description box will appear when the ? next to the option is clicked.

The comment will appear directly underneath the option. You may want to add a description here.

Under the 'Variants' tab add the details of your different product options.

Please note that the price and weight boxes should contain the amount to be added to that listed in the 'General' tab.

If you add an image here it will appear as a thumbnail beneath the option.

Option combinations

The most likely reason to use this feature is to cause the main image to change when an option is selected.

Make sure you have ticked the Inventory box in the option in order to beable to use this feature.

In the 'Options' tab click on the Options Combinations' button

Create a combination for each required combination.

You will then be able to add a different image for each variant.


Reviews are set by default for your shop and we only recommend you allow reviews on products that you repeatedly stock. When you sell only one off pieces we recommend you do not use this feature as the review is lost once products are sold.

Under the 'More' drop down select 'Addons'

Under 'Comments and reviews' change the drop down from 'Disabled' to 'Communication & Rating'