How to set up your delivery charges


You can make this as easy or as complicated as you like.

Once you have set this up you do not need to alter again unless there is a change in your costs.

Locating your settings

In the Horizontal blue menu bar go to Administration > Delivery & Taxes > Shipping Methods

The only 'Active' delivery method available will be the one with your shop name.

When you hover over your name a 'Cog Icon' will appear. Click once on this to reveal the drop down and then click on 'Edit'. (Clicking on your shop name will work to.)

General Tab

Your shop name should already be listed and 'Rate Calculation' set to 'Manual'.

Enter the expected 'Delivery time', i.e. 3-5 days

If you add a maximum weight limit here this will trigger delivery globally, we recommend leaving this blank.

Delivery charges tab

*IMPORTANT : Make sure you complete for all zones if you leave any set to zero then customers in those destinations will not be able to purchase your products.

  • All Other Countries
  • Europe
  • UK
  • World Zone 1 (Royal Mail Zone)
  • World Zone 2 (Royal Mail Zone)

Choose the method you wish to use

A standard charge

Enter a set rate for all items. You can also break this down into price variables so that if someone spends over a certain amount then they will receive an alternative rate.

*It is worth noting that you can add an additional cost on a per product basis. This will be an overall figure though and not broken down into zones.

Weight Dependencies

This will depend on the method you use but Royal Mail for example would read as

For UK it would appear as below

To trigger the 1kg charge you need to add 1.1kg to the shipping tab of the individual product.


As standard you will have only two rows, hover over the bottom row and the icons to add or copy will give you an additional field.

Item Dependencies

You can set your shipping costs based on the number of items ordered

This is similar to the standard charge only the charge changes based on number of items as oppose to price.

Delivery settings for individual products

When you are adding products you will be given the options to add an additional fee or make ta product 'Free Delivery'. This is also where you will need to enter an items weight when using the Weight Dependencies method.

*Ticking the FREE Delivery box will make the product free delivery globally.

To make a product free delivery UK only set your 0kg charge to £0, you must then add a 1kg charge to a cost greater than £0.

There is also the facility to restrict delivery to individual countries.

Now your shop and delivery settings have been configured you are ready to list your products