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Terms & Conditions

We have aimed to make the EcoCreate terms and Conditions as easy to understand as possible. We hope we have tried not to use legal jargon where possible and have hopefully conveyed them as nicely as possible. Because we do try to be nice. It is however a legal document so please make sure you understand and agree to them before continuing.

Please read the 'Terms of Use' 'Terms and agreements ' carefully before using this website. These are legally binding and it is important that you understand and agree to them before using EcoCreate.
By using the EcoCreate website you are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions.
We ( EcoCreate) may change these terms at any time by posting changes online. Please check on them regularly and make sure you are aware of what is written herein. By continuing to use EcoCreate after changes are made you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions as and when they are amended. This contract is legally binding.
Please read ALL the terms and conditions regardless of whether or not you feel they are necessary or apply to you.
Thank You.

1. General

1.1. You must be 18 years old or over to buy or sell on EcoCreate
1.2. EcoCreate is a hosting platform or 'venue' it helps to facilitate transactions that are carried out on the EcoCreate website and provides a place for Buyers and Sellers (referred to as customers and shop owners from herein) to communicate and complete transactions. The contract formed when a customer and shop owner complete a transaction is between the customer and shop owner only. The shop owner is responsible for ensuring the completion of the sale and the satisfaction of the customer. EcoCreate can therefore not be held responsible for the quality, eco credetials, safety, legality or morality of any product or listing on the site. EcoCreate has no control over accuracy of listings or descriptions. EcoCreate cannot guarantee the delivery of any item purchased.

2. Shop Owners/Sellers/Makers

2.1. You must be a UK resident to list your products for sale on EcoCreate. The products must be handmade by you (the Shop Owner)
2.2. The products you list must meet EcoCreates eco-friendly guidelines.
2.3.You must not sell counterfeit items, infringe copyright, trademark or any other rights of third parties. You must not breach any laws regarding this.
2.4. You may not sell pornographic or 'adult' items, content of which may be decided by EcoCreate.
2.5. You may not sell hazardous chemicals or illegal items (e.g. drugs) or items that have been sourced or gained illegally.
2.6. If your business is a partnership or company you must have the agreement of all other owners/directors to create a shop/profile and list your items/products for sale.
2.7. You are responsible for the content/items that you submit for sale. You must be able to prove that the design/ copyright is your own and not owned by others.
2.8. CE marking is mandatory in the UK. If your product requires CE marking/certification it is your ( the vendors) responsibility to gain this and comply with all current regulations. You must be able to provide proof of this should it be required. EcoCreate is in no way responsible for ensuring the testing/certification of products. This is entirely the responsibility of the Shop Owner /Maker
2.9. All Shop Owners are recommended to outline their own policies concerning their shop. These should include, shipping, returns, payment etc. Your shop must abide by these policies. All shop policies must comply with EcoCreates Terms of use/ Terms of agreement. EcoCreate reserves the right to request that a shop modifies their policy or it will be removed.
2.10. It is strongly recommended that all Shop Owners are covered regarding suitable insurance for their shop/ products. This is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct insurance not that of EcoCreate.
2.11. You must not list identical products in multiple shops on EcoCreate
2.12. Items for sale must be listed as accurately as possible, all images and descriptions of items/products for sale must be your own and must be of the relevant item.You must not use inaccurate false or misleading information regarding your product/shop or profile.
2.13. EcoCreate reserve the right to remove any listing at any time without notice.
2.14. All orders and transactions made through your shop must be completed and shipped as per the guidelines laid out in your shop policy unless otherwise specified at the point of sale. Failure to do so may result in termination of your EcoCreate account.
2.15. EcoCreate can not guarantee the true age/identity/or nationality of buyers.
2.16. You may not link out to, or reference, shops you may have on other multivendor e-commerce sites. You may link to blogs, personal websites, social media sites and pages owned by yourself and not on another hosting platform. EcoCretae is not responsible for any content relating to these pages or websites.
2.17. You are responsible for paying any taxes that you may be eligible for.
2.18. All Shop Owners are required to abide by the Consumer Protection Regulations 2000.
This is the law and protects the consumer it refers to all member states of the EU.
2.19. In the event that a delivery to a buyer does not arrive or is damaged you must either arrange a refund or replace the item within in agreed time scale.

3. Customers/Buyers

3.1. When committing to buy an item on EcoCreate you and you alone are responsible for paying the shop/seller you have bought from.
3.2. Any issues/queries/ concerns about items you have ordered or wish to order must firstly be dealt with by the Shop Owner and a satisfactory conclusion must aim to be reached by both parties. In the event that this does not happen please contact EcoCreate who will endeavour to solve the problem to the best of their ability.
3.3. Any issues with orders received must be dealt promptly and the Shop Owner must be notified immediately.

4. Fees and Payments

4.1.All monies/sales will aim to be paid to the vendor/seller minus commission within 1 working day ( excluding bank Holidays) of the sales transaction taking place.
4.2. Shop accounts will only be activated once a listings fee has been paid, they will automatically freeze when the package time scale runs out or the maximum number of listings has been reached which ever is sooner.
4.3.Any refunds that are made to the buyer by either EcoCreate or Paypal after the 1 day payment period, must be refunded back to EcoCreate by the Vendor with 5 working days. Failure to comply may see your account frozen or even terminated.
4.4. EcoCreate will take 6.4% plus 20p commission on every transaction, this includes a payment processing fee.

5. Conduct.

5.1. Please treat other vendors and buyers with courtesy and respect, as you would wish to be treated yourself. You must not attempt to abuse, threaten, intimidate or harass anyone on the EcoCreate site.

6. Data

6.1. Under no circumstances should you attempt to hack, modify or transmit any virusus to the EcoCreate site.
6.2.You must not spam other users with frequent unwanted communication.
6.3. You must keep your account and password safe. Do not share your login details with others.
6.4. By using EcoCreate, you allow us ( EcoCreate) the right to use, edit, modify, re-purpose and re-publish the content. You retain the copyright over such content but in your continued use allow EcoCreate to use this, on and offline as they see fit (this may include advertising and publishing on 3rd party sites)

7. Liability

7.1.EcoCreate is in no way liable for the following losses or damages whether direct or indirect, general, consequential or incidental. Loss of business, loss of earnings, loss of data, loss of projected sales, loss relating to third parties, loss of reputation, damage to earnings or reputation or any damages/losses related to the use of EcoCreate.
7.2. EcoCreate does not guarantee uninterrupted access to and operation of the EcoCreate site. This may be affected by many factors not relating to EcoCreate.
Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions may result in a suspension or even a termination of your account. You use the EcoCreate site at your own risk.